dimanche 18 mars 2012

4 médailles au concours mondial du Sauvignon

Present on the international scene, the Sauvignon grape enjoys recognition and popularity among professionals and consumers alike. The typicality, flavour, freshness and vivacity that it gives the resultant wines make it one of the most exceptional and sought after grapes in the world.
The third Concours Mondial du Sauvignon will take place next March 16 and 17 at the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur growers’ organisation in Bordeaux. The contest aims to promote wines made from the varietal and to increase wareness of the comprehensive range of Sauvignon blanc wines worldwide.
The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles has been commissioned to handle the technical organisation of the tastings and brings to the event the professionalism and independence for which foremost international competitions are renowned.
The contest is open without discrimination to all wines, special wines and dessert wines, produced mainly from the Sauvignon grape.
Paul White (New Zealand, journalist): «A competition is a means 
of aiming for excellence, constantly gleaning more knowledge to 
respond to change and above all of challenging the transient nature 
of demand. Sauvignon blanc may well meet the same fate as other 
acclaimed varietals that have subsequently suffered from ‘consumer 
fatigue’. Other varietals may therefore steal a march over Sauvignon 
blanc in consumers’ hearts».

David Cobbold (France, journalist): «A competition is also an 
opportunity to discover the comprehensive nature of this multifaceted varietal which varies depending on the sites and countries 
where it is grown. The competition serves as a benchmarking 
exercise, allowing producers to measure themselves against the 

Xavier Leclerc (France, wine buyer for Auchan): «A medal 
multiplies sales by 15 or even 20. With 85 percent of wines retailing 
in multiple grocery stores, endorsement is essential for the majority 
of under-informed consumers. A medal offers reassurance during 
those all-important 3 seconds when a choice is made».

Bernard Vincent (France, the competition’s founding father):
«Sauvignon blanc acts as a ‘terroir enhancer’. As the world’s leading 
grape variety ahead of Chardonnay, it conveys an image of diversity, 
youthfulness and strong personality. The competition rallies people 
around the varietal and encourages collective thought. It provides 
a good overview of the industry every year and allows changes and 
new trends to be anticipated.»

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